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In celebration of the upcoming holiday, a special page has been put up, the link is over on the side there: Christmas 2003. Though that link will be there from now on, this notice will go once I remember to take it down after the year is over. But, I'm sure you'll enjoy nonetheless as there'll be lots of goodies going up on that page, starting on the 13th.

Hello, and welcome to Anime Junction with a Make-Over, or, as it will be shortened to sooner or later, Remix. I am your hostess for the moment of being at this site, Lady Virgo. Please, just call me Virgo, thanks.

This is, just like most of your other basic fan oriented sites, full of art work and fan fiction, tossing a couple of doujinshi scans here and there. There is a list, of course, of all the Japanese I use (in case you have no idea what it means) and of the series that I use in my work.

On an added note, this is a YAOI friendly site, so I'm afraid that if you don't like that sort of stuff... well, I have some things that may catch your interest, but not much. Oh well, it never hurts to just look around. Anything that has any sort of homosexual content will be labeled clearly so if you stumble onto something like that and don't like it, well, that's your fault now isn't it?

Now, to explain about the buttons you see to your imediate left. The first tells you about what ever updates I may have put up. Check there frequently (read: about once a month) to see if I did anything new to the page.

The disclaimer button gives formal credits to those that deserve it, as well as holds my series list and my personal profile.

The creative page, ah, now that's probably where you all want to be heading, yes? That holds all the fan fiction, fan art, doujinshi and gifts I had made, been given or just have lying around waiting to be put up. They are made by both me and other kind people willing to contribute their talents to this page (who shall be noted in the credits page). Be sure to look into the warning link before you click on it, though.

Links... well, you all should know what that means. A quick way out to other people's pages or to various web rings I have joined. A fun filled place if I ever saw one. If any of you have missed the sarcasm in that last sentence, my condolences. Also note: I wasn't brought up to be this cynical, it's just the way I have fun.

Now, if you all would just go about and have fun, I'd be surprised if someone actually spent the time to go through and read this entire page. If you haven't, well, no reason for me to say anything to you. If you did, congradulations it was all for naught because I'm not saying anything interesting any more. Enjoy the page. Ja.