The second Annual AJRemix Christmas.... thingummy commences! A period of presents and goodies to help celebrate all the Merry whatever it is you celebrate. And the gaudy stuff. Can't forget about the gaudy stuff.

So, mMay your days be cheery and bright and underwear never short on starch. Or something.

M is for the Moments not always kind.

E is for the Eagerness for Christmas to come.
Weiss Kreuz

R is for the Rejoicing of being with friends.
One Piece

R is for the Returning to the spirit of the holiday.

Y is for the Years yet to come.
Eyeshield 21

X is for the Xenophile in all of us.
Invader Zim

M is for the Meaning you celebrate this year.
Full Metal Alchemist

A is for the Acceptance that there is something better ahead.
Fruits Basket

S is for the Safe holiday you have.
Cowboy Bebob

! is for another Christmas we see.
Skip Tracers

That said: